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A handful Splendid slot machine Illustrations or photos

  1. vikingos slot machine
    slot machine
    Image by mararie
    a vikingos slot machine! i was quite shy to take a picture of it, because the bar was full of spanish guys. but i just had to. unfortunately the game didnt work anymore

    click for some viking ships of the slot machine

  2. Antique Slot Machine, Indian Head Pennies
    slot machine
    Image by cobalt123Random One Click Media Promotion on the topic of LUCKY DOUBLE -

    Antique Slot Machine, Indian Head Pennies – Detail of an antique slot machine with prize of Indian head pennies shown in the windows. Riverside Hotel and Casino, Laughlin, Nevada.

    Shot through the glass of the display area of the car museum on the street level, this detail view came from this original frame image, www.flickr.com/photos/cobalt/7865459302/

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