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But hey, who am I to judge, there are plenty of promo items out floating around and the percentage that are being sold online is very small, small enough to be considered worth it for the big companies. So hey, as long as they are not really losing out on it than I guess there is no real problem here, although I do see it as an inherent waste of time given the fact that they could be doing almost anything else out there and turn out much better than they are right now. But again, I am not really here to judge people, just give insight on why they live the way they do and do the things that they do, everyone is different out here in the world and it is about time that we as the people of the world start to realize that we are all unique and special in some way .

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  1. For the first time, I got a C in my class. I worked hard during my freshmen and sophomore year, but I got a C in my math class this semester for my junior year. I have had a lot of family problems. I know colleges don’t care about family problems, but will this “C” affect my chances of getting into college?

    Answer by lovelywhitely
    No a C will not affect much. If your overall GPA is high and you are ranked in like the top 10 in your HS – then you are fine.

  2. Iam doing my comp engg in india…we arent taught C in extreme detail in our univ…is it crucial or wil it make things very simple for me in the future if i make sure i get a high level training in C at this initial stage?

    Answer by cathrl69
    C’s just another language. What matters is that you understand the principles of good programming, not the details of how a particular language does it.

  3. I know , C language is still used for making application. But , I want to know , how an complete application can be made with C language. How to add buttons and pics? How to make application for 64 bit environment?

    Answer by The Dude
    Well to make an application for a 64bit enviroment you would use a 64bit C compiler.
    As for how to add buttons and pictures: you would use appropriate commands.
    Under windows you might want check the windows api.
    You can make a window and buttons with the CreateWindow function.


    But it is not enough, you will also want a loop to handle events.
    Or you might get a 3rd party library that could simplify the process.
    If you are interested how to include an image in your application:
    You would make a .rc file and compile it to a .res file.
    You would then tell your compiler to include the .res file in your .exe file
    ad finally you would use some API commands to load the image from the exe file and display it on a control that you have previously created with other api commands.

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